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Our last TPMS (by TST) which we used for the past few years completely failed us last month so it's time to give another one a try.  Having a single-axle trailer we realize the many benefits in monitoring the pressure & temperature of the TT's 2 tires as well as the main spare tire and a 2nd extreme emergency spare tire that is for trips that are more than a few hours from home (it will stay home for local trips).

The main spare tire of course is mounted underneath the trailer.  The 2nd extreme emergency spare tire travels in the bed of the truck on those longer trips (otherwise it is stored in the garage).

The 2 rolling tires as well as the main spare tire are Carlisle load D's that I prefer to maintain at 62 psi cold.  The 2nd extreme emergency spare tire - the #4 tire in our case - is a TowMax load C that I prefer to maintain at 50 psi cold.

A few of the many attractive points about this particular TPMS is that it is from a large RV company - Minder Research/Valterra Products, they encourage phone contact for any/all questions, no need for an additional monitor, if your phone is off you still get an audible & visual alert from the Bluetooth adapter (which I will tuck away out of sight somewhere in the truck cab, but within earshot & reach), free batteries & O-rings until the year 2022, and one of my favorite features - you can specify parameters for each tire individually (remember that our 2nd extreme emergency spare tire is a different psi than the other 3 tires), ...

I haven't put the sensors on the tires or synced everything up yet, but hope to this weekend.

I'll also be figuring out the best location for the booster (aka repeater) and how to have it powered only when we are towing.

Here is the manual -

So for now here are a bunch of unboxing pictures from today's arrival.

To be continued ...



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Tried out the system this morning - everything was quick, simple, & accurate.

I first checked all tires with my high-end tire pressure gauge.  I then had the system learn all 4 tires.  The pressure on all 4 tires was spot on against my gauge.

Again, we have 4 trailer tires (with load range & the desired psi) -

1.  Driver's side (load range D, 62)

2.  Passenger side (load range D, 62)

3.  Main spare under the TT  (load range D, 62)

4. Extreme emergency spare for longer trips that will ride in the truck bed (load range C, 50)

The feature that allows you to set specific parameters for each tire is priceless in our case with tire #4.

For now I have identified/numbered/labeled the sensors with blue tape, but will come up with a permanent solution soon.

Another feature that is fantastic is that you can easily remove/add a section to be monitored without having to forget the settings.  This is perfect for us because on closer local trips we will not be taking the #4 tire (2nd spare) so I set it in the TV section of the display page (with the other 3 tires in the trailer section of course).

I also tried the theft deterrent which is a nut that you counter-tighten against the sensor.  Very secure.

The sensors are very light weight.  They won't cause any stem issues - especially with our steel stems.

I did not use or install the booster (repeater) yet.  That will wait until pre-trip prep. day before our next trip.  Everything worked great without the booster and I had a signal for 60' with my phone and the Bluetooth adapter in my hands (no booster).  Our trailer is so short that it probably isn't needed, but since it came with the kit I will install & use it.

Here are some pictures and screenshots.  *The last screenshot shows what appears after I had removed the passenger side (& main spare also) sensor.  My phone was also beeping and the Bluetooth adapter was blinking and beeping as well.

So far so good.  To be continued ...



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A few final mentions until our next trip -

Came up with a better labeling system - white labels inside the sensor caps.

Put a reminder in my Google calendar for August 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022 to place an order for the free replacement batteries & O-rings.

Everything is put away in the supplied pouch in the TV waiting for the next trip.  The manual (with receipt, proof of purchase card, & notes for the current battery installation date and the 4 sensor assigned locations) is also in the TV.

The booster is bagged & ready for installation under the TT before our next trip.

And one "What were they thinking?!" - so the theft deterrent seems decent right?  Uh, well, the cap can still be unscrewed, the battery can be removed, & the sensor can be left naked to take on the elements.  Pretty silly feature in my book.

That about does it for now ...




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If you were to go old school like I prefer to do (I even still write checks in some cases & pay cash whenever possible) and call them direct you would find that they - the manufacturer of this TPMS - are absolutely not out of stock as well as you just might be happily surprised at the final shipped-to-your-door price with a little human interaction.  

And if that still isn't your cup of tea Amazon beats both of the places you posted above.

Not much more I can add so do with the info. what you will my friend.  

And believe me when I say that the verdict will be out on this TPMS for a very long time for me.  No endorsement or final review here.  Just one long ongoing review.

I just hope that it's there for us when we need it most - like before, during, & after a blowout - unlike our previous TST TPMS.

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I always try to research, research & research before buying anything.  After doing that, I concluded TireMinder was for me!

However, as Jeff pointed out, the real test is when a situation occurs; when a tire loses pressure.  Luckily I haven't had that happen!!

Thanks for the very informative write-up!  Please keep us posted; I will do the same.  BTW, I purchased mine thru Amazon 


mg -

I haven't installed the booster yet either.  I probably will at some point, but honestly & in my opinion, it's not a necessity with my short 1575 or your even shorter 1475.

When I do install it I have been thinking about inside the mounted spare tire (which is nice & dry under a 1575) or like you're thinking - somewhere around/under the A-frame tongue area.

As far as power for the booster goes - I will probably go the K-I-S-S route and just use the roach, er alligator clips on the battery posts.  Quick & easy.  

I would try a test tow or two without the booster and see if you lose connection.

Just my $0.02.

Glad that yours arrived.  Please keep posting thoughts and updates.  I will do the same (hoping to get out on a trip soon).  

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TPMS installed.  Mounted signal booster under battery box and clipped alligator clips to battery posts.  If this works I'll connect with a pig tail connection like I use with battery tenders.  Consulted w/Minder Research and they agreed w/my booster placement.  May rethink and place elsewhere if necessary.  Install was very straight forward and all transmitters worked.  First trial trip coming up soon, will post again after return.

Red, what does K-I-S-S stand for, that one lost me!

mg -

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.

It's referring to one's self as a reminder for no need to overthink a certain task, etc ...

I am glad to hear that everything went smoothly with the install & the initial equipment check.  

Looking forward to your post-trip report.   

Side note/question - what psi does your TVs "doughnut" spare take?  My wife's Beetle has one of those and I don't think I've ever even looked at it as it's buried deep in the cramped trunk.  I am surprised that an Explorer has one of those instead of a full-size spare tire.

Amazon reviews are still holding at just 19 (there were 18 when I started this thread) so it appears that we are still in the infancy stage with this TPMS.

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Red Barchetta posted:

mg -

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.

Explorer has one of those instead of a full-size spare tire..

I can't do that - I stay awake at nights trying to come up with ideas that can complicate an install.

I'm still working on a solution for mounting my signal booster (older system than yours) but my thinking is along these lines.

I already have a set of Anderson electrical connectors coming off of the batteries for my portable solar - thinking about adding a small waterproof box to the outside of one of the battery boxes (think Pelican here, or something similar (read that as cheaper) with an openable lid) - running the wires into that, (keeping everything waterproof) so that I have easy access to plug in either the solar, or the signal booster (adding the Anderson connectors to this as well).

Thought about adding an on/off switch just to further complicate things, but will probably go with just plugging/unplugging as necessary.

Ron -

Too funny ... and true.

I am the same way with most things.  Thought-out to the umpteenth degree and then precisely executed.

If it turns out that I need the booster with my short 1575 & extended cab truck then I'll probably mount a water-proof box somewhere under the TT, but as far as powering it I'll probably stick to the roach, er alligator clips on the terminals as I have nice & quick access to my battery at all times (no crazy sliding tray setup on my '14 Lance TT).  Since the booster is only needed while towing I don't want even the slightest parasitic draw from it while it is "sleeping" while camping as we are dry campers 98% of the time.

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Any thoughts on this method of installing the booster?

In my 1685's forward storage compartment there is an access hole that allows me to get to the lower front running lights. Considering splicing into that circuit - always drive with the lights on so the booster would always be on when driving, off when unhooked with no battery loss.

It would be a bit further away from the truck's cab and the signal would have to travel through the front of the trailer. Don't know how strong the signal is or if it is something to even consider.

Probably not thinking of something here, but right now it seems like a possibility.

Ron -

I like your idea for tapping in to the TT's running lights for power to the booster (I too always tow with the lights on so would only be hot while towing).

Where the issue in your plan could be is that per Minder Research/Valterra Products you want the weather-proof booster's antenna outside the TT such as mounted to the frame, inside the mounted spare tire, etc...

However, I don't think that is truly a serious issue.  Since you have the access area and you know you want to splice in to that line you could just set the booster inside the access area and give it a try.  If there is trouble you can always drill a small hole through the floor and mount the booster under the trailer.

I really think you might do a test tow or two without the booster as even your 1685 is a pretty short trailer.  You might find that it's not necessary.

By the way, 1575's have that same false wall/access area.  That is where I mounted my Victron battery monitor.  If I do decide to use the booster I will definitely follow your lead and use the marker/running lights wire.  Thanks for the idea.  


*From here -


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Ron -


Where the issue in your plan could be is that per Minder Research/Valterra Products you want the weather-proof booster's antenna outside the TT such as mounted to the frame, inside the mounted spare tire, etc...

I really think you might do a test tow or two without the booster as even your 1685 is a pretty short trailer.  You might find that it's not necessary.

Thanks, I just read that - hadn't realized the booster was weather-tight.

We do need the booster - I'm thinking of trying it inside of that area behind the cover, the only thing blocking the signal would be the front wall that looks to be some sort of fiberglass casting, maybe 3/16" thick.

That shouldn't interfere much, but if it does I will mount it just outside of that area, depends on water/mud spray from the truck tires where exactly.


If I put it outside I might still put it in a weather-tight box for rock/element protection. 


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Final pre-trip report.

Once the Bluetooth adapter is turned on the app syncs within 30 seconds.

I really like that I get tire psi, tire temperature, & tire sensor battery level readings in a single glance before it moves on to the next tire.

I prefer/keep my 2 rolling tires at 62 psi and the spare at 65 psi.  *This is a semi-local trip so leaving the 2nd spare (50 psi) at home which rides in the truck bed.  Since it's staying home I disabled the TV section so that the app doesn't keep searching for that spare tire.

I removed a sensor from the valve stem and a nice loud & clear audible warning sounded as well as vibration and status bar warnings.

I have put the app icon on my home screen.  Once we return from our trip I'll remove it from my home screen until the next trip.

Red Barchetta posted:

Uneventful tow.  Seems to do what it's designed to do.

Really nice not to have a separate monitor in the TV.

Like I mentioned before, I have the older version of the Tire Minder TPMS, it works fine, but trying to see that small display on the receiving unit is difficult while driving.

Might have to buy my own Christmas present this year and upgrade to the new system.

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