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We’re staying at Boyd’s in Key West and found  ourselves in the middle of a Airstream rally. Micro-Air was the primary vender and was pretty busy installing the EasyStart on the Shiny Trailers. Since we already have the EasyStart and I am a sucker for a “Rally Discount” I purchased a EasyTouch BT thermostat for our Lance. Yes, I know, a fool and his money are soon departed. However, I hate getting up in the wee hours stumbling over the dog to fiddle with the thermostat. The installation was a ten minute easy peasy match the colors and download the app to phone. Woohoo! I can now just reach for the phone and one 5 second peak adjust the air! I’m a happy camper. I would not purchase this for the WiFi  feature claims as I really don’t think you should be relying on this setup for a pet safety  device. However, the BT has been flawless and that’s all I wanted, You can certainly purchase the same functionality for less with other brands.



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