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I recently purchased a Garmin 1095 GPS unit primarily because I had a hard time seeing my GPS Google Maps on my radio screen. The 1095 has a 10" screen! I was worried that it might be too large and block the window too much. I purchased the Garmin extra large sandbag pillow to hold it as well. I was afraid that if the GPS was window mounted it might fall off and that I would have to "reach" too far to input commands. The pillow works great. Very adjustable. I set it low so the bottom edge rests on the dashboard. It's very stable and I can reach it well this way. What I really like is that I can see it VERY WELL even if the sun is glaring on it directly.
Does it block my front window? Yes, a little bit but not bad.
I also find that I like to create my route using my RV Life Trip Wizard then sending it to the Garmin GPS. This way I can look very closely at the map to ensure I agree with the chosen route that I will be driving. The first route I created using the Garmin GPS route planner it ran me straight through downtown Tallahassee Florida to include a major round-a-bought. When I transfer the RV Life route to the GPS, each day is broken into a separate individual routes on the GPS and will be numbered with a name.
You can also use voice commands with the GPS similar to Google and Alexa. The speaker in the GPS is adequate. Text messages from your cell phone will appear on the screen for a few seconds.
So far the only thing I don't like is that I thought it could interface with my current wireless camera on the trailer. Not so. It will interface with a backup camera but it has to be a Garmin backup camera! And their cameras are limited and very much just like a car license plate camera. And they are expensive to boot! If anyone knows how to make them operate with 3rd party cameras Please let me know.
BTW, when I purchased this from Amazon Garmin was offering $100 off.

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We have the Garmin RV890 and it includes updates of maps and operation software at no charge.  In other words, maps and functionality remain current with new devices.  We purchased one of the Garmin cameras and it worked great with the main screen, but the camera itself was of marginal picture quality.  The lack of contrast made it hard to see vehicles until they were close.  We use the window mount. The magnetic connection is the best of any device ever and DW can easily remove it to work with the GPS in her lap and then reinstall on the window.

I have not tried to import our RV Trip Wizard maps into the Garmin, but will give it a try.  Thanks for the tip.


@Slotown posted:

@Buckmountain, thanks for the camera review.  I thought it would be kind of lacking from reading the specs.  Surprising that Garmin doesn't offer a better camera solution.  I'm patient, I will wait.  I was hoping to be able to dispose of the current camera and save a little windshield space at the same time.

We purchased the Garmin BC™ 35 Wireless Backup Camera.  Newer cameras may be better, but I don't recommend this one.


@Slotown posted:

@BlueSky  Yes, I am using Garmin Drive for the import/export.  No cables or cards.  I create the route on my desktop computer.  Then I open the Trip Wizard on my phone and export a GPX file to a trip folder.  Then I send it to my Garmin RV 1095.  Works nicely.

When I have customized the route in RVlife with waypoints, then imported it into rv890 I have had some issues with the route changing in weird ways. Also the route in rv890 would be fine the first time I looked at the route but after turning off and on the rv890 device it would reroute. I was importing a 15 stop trip with stops like to a relative’s house at a residential area.
Moral of the story trust but verify every time.

Like many others we have the built in Nav in the truck, we don't have the Apple or Android apps as the truck is a 2017 model.

Our Garmin is a 795 so not such a large screen but I find it is much easier to glance at the Garmin on the dash than the screen in the truck - especially when going through complex freeway interchanges.

@sequoia464 my truck is a 2002 F350.  It came with an AM/FM and cassette.  I replaced it with a Kenwood that has Android Auto.  I have a difficult time seeing the screen during the day light hours.  If I put sunglasses on it's just impossible.  I am very disappointed in the Kenwood because of this.  I now only use it to listen to music.  I do NOT recommend Kenwood because of this.  The Garmin is perfectly clear regardless of sun orientation.

Went on a six day trip using the Garmin.  I had previously planned the trip in RV Trip Wizard and then imported it directly to the Garmin.  So that part of the trip held no surprises.  However when we got ready to leave I asked the Garmin return to home.  As I was leaving the the state park (Suwanee River State Park) the Garmin directed me to turn right on River Road.  River Road is a very sandy dirt road marked for service vehicles only.

Bottom line:  Don't throw common sense out the window.  They all seem to screw up!

Other than that, I really liked it.  Easy to read even in bright sun.  Intersections and on ramps very well detailed.

@Slotown posted:

@BlueSky, I checked the settings and avoid dirt roads was already selected.  I was hoping it wasn't selected to explain why I was directed on a sandy dirt road.  No big deal during daylight hours but could have been a nightmare at night.

“trust but verify” is the clearly the motto.  

I have had the rvlife route rerouted by the Garmin when I uploaded it.

It would do things like route me to I5 when I had RV Life routed to use 101. Very frustrating, also it would reroute the last mile sometimes in funny ways to some locations.

I have taken to having to check the route the night before I leave....
trust but verify... I still like the Garmin better than google or apple maps.

I've looked at these units for probably the same reason many of you have them. But, I'd really prefer a reliable app that would just work through Android Auto onto the 12" infotainment screen in the truck. I've already got the monitor for my trailer's rear camera sitting in the "cubby" on top of the dash and really don't want another screen to find a place for.

But, Google Maps has taken me on some routes that I'd prefer to have avoided when pulling the camper.

I've used my 1095 for few months now. I really like but like al GPS units it's not perfect. Better than most. Way better than Google Maps or Waze. I can see the screen in bright sunlight as well. I purchased the oversized pillow option and it rests right on the dashboard. I can see it and the windshield quite well.

@Slotown posted:

I've used my 1095 for few months now. I really like but like al GPS units it's not perfect. Better than most. Way better than Google Maps or Waze. I can see the screen in bright sunlight as well. I purchased the oversized pillow option and it rests right on the dashboard. I can see it and the windshield quite well.

I have a smaller unit - a 795 - that also sits on the dash. I prefer that location to the built in nav on the trucks screen - it's much easier for me to glance at it quickly to pick up whatever details I need, than looking down at the trucks screen. I find that watching my speed is easier on the Garmin than having to look at the speedo on the trucks instrument cluster.

@sequoia464 The bottom edge of mine rests directly on the dash and is slightly angled towards me.  I would angle it more but I like two sets of eyes on it at all times when possible.  I also discovered you can tailor the alert noises it makes.  Out of the box it made all kinds of noises but I have filtered those down to just a few.  My favorite is the tone it makes to wake me up 1/2 mile away from the next turn.

One of the keys to keep you from boxing yourself in is to do a very through "map recon" before you begin the daily journey.  I plan my routes in RV Trip Wizard.  I will zoom down and view each turn step by step.  I'm not good enough to memorize it perfectly, but it helps during the day.

@BlueSky posted:

Let us know what you thoughts are. I am going to give it a go on my next big trip along with the Garmin. And of course my navigator and co pilot will be helping…😊

I'll let you know. I downloaded the app and was planning to do a free trial but we don't have an upcoming trip, so I'll probably wait until I can put it into action. Though I suppose I could give it a test run without actually pulling the camper.

I like RV life trip planer, the gps app comes with it. It has some annoying features and is not “the end all” but between the Garmin and RV life and lots of research on my own, I can get where I’m going.
i have tried many different trip planning tools and RV life checks more boxes than anything else, however I will use as many tools as I can in planing and routing.

You can load the RV trip route into the Garmin but it has limits when converting from one to the other.

Waze, apple maps, google maps are designed for short A-B trips they are also useful for commuting in a car. When I am pulling a trailer I’m not interested in saving 3 min to a avoid a traffic jam.

Garmin RV can interface with my phone for weather and traffic but I have not used that much.

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