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For those of you who might be vertically challenged (like me) or old (like me), you might want to check this item out to ease the challenge of getting into and out of the bed of your pickup.  It's called a step assist.  I purchased the TrekStep from Bestop.  As you can see from the pictures, it fits pretty snug to the bottom of the bumper, drops down with a bump from your foot and retracts with said bump from foot.  It lines up outside of the outer edge of the tailgate, so you can step up onto the tailgate if it's down.


Made of aluminum, makes it easier to step up to and down from the pickup bed.


Confusing instructions, takes about 2 hours to install vs suggested 30 minutes, made in China.

I ordered this model, as the product from AMP Research is about $30 more.  I thought both of them were USA made:  The product from AMP is, and if I had known, I would have ordered that product.  That said, it's a decent product that gets lots of use.


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I have the factory version on my 2019 ram but had to remove it when I installed the Tork-lift rear camper tie downs.  Yours seems to be configured a bit differently and I wonder if it would work with the tie-downs?  I was able to come up with an alternative but I like your bigger step better!


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I installed the AMP step on my truck this past winter.  The step was easy to install and has been very easy to use. However,  do not expect any customer service from AMP.  My step was shipped without all the mounting hardware.  Multiple telephone calls and warranty claims generated no response from AMP.  I finally just sourced the necessary hardware from a local hardware store.  Online reviews of AMP suggest my experience is not unique.

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