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First big trip to Florida this spring, from MI, and we had a few issues that caught us by surprise. We pulled our 2021 2465 with our 2018 F-150 3.5 (which we had no problem with). First stop, 350 miles to Louisville, we’re setting up, and upon opening the dinette slide we discovered the trim around the fireplace just popped off (while going down the road) and then got caught in the slide as it extended.
At the same time we discovered that the bedroom pocket door popped off its track. I was able to access the top of the door and track through a panel in the bathroom, and eventually got it back on track. On the way home, both pocket doors came off track. Whatever mechanism that is suppose to lock the door pins in place just wasn’t happening. With the doors strapped and snapped in the tucked away position, there is still too much play when going down the road, working themselves loose and off track. We have a pretty good relationship with our Lance Salesperson, Casey, who has been amazing. She got the warranty folks and engineers on the phone, and they were a big help. It’s now in for warranty service, and we are looking forward to our next trip.
Any one else experience this?

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Had problems with our bedroom pocket door coming off the track.  I replaced the hangers with heavier and better hardware and reinstalled the door myself.  The door did get a little gouged and we showed it to Lance Service techs while in for other warranty work in a April.  They have ordered us a new door.  

This is the update I did this weekend to the straps on our new to us 2020-2375. The turn button fasteners are often used in marine applications and are available on Amazon. Our previous trailer was a Rockwood and they were used on the pocket doors. Always secure. I had to use a wider strap to orientate the turn buttons to mount vertical.


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