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I purchased this for two reasons.  I have noticed my brand new TT (1985) has a very very slow leak on one tire.  I have a standard air compressor at home, but I'm always afraid at a campground I'll be below the safety margin and have to find a fuel station with a hose I can easily maneuver to. This was a bare tool only model, no battery.  That's OK because all my tools are DeWalt already and I have plenty of batteries.  This now rounds out the tools I carry in the TT.  Impact Hammer Drill, Impact Wrench, and now Tire Inflator.

It's so easy to use.  You first dial in the desired tire pressure to the 1/2 lb level.  Screw the chuck onto the tire valve (no holding a chuck by hand).  Finally push a button and watch it inflate to the desired level and auto turn off.  So easy, and it doesn't weigh much.

You can also inflate balls and air mattresses as well.  Or deflate the air mattress.

I'm going to look and see if it has a presto bicycle adapter.  Then I can put away that onery hand pump!

Highly recommend!

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Buckmountain,  I have not set a watch to it but it is fairly fast.  Less than a minute maybe?  I have no idea on the inflatable, I don't own one to try, but I'm sure it's faster than my lungs!

I also learned that one of the attachments it comes with is for presto tire valves for bikes (which I do own).  Nice, but it's a pain to use so I have ordered a better attachment.


I haven't timed either, but if I were to guess, getting the trailer tires from 60 to 65 is about 15 - 20 seconds.  Inflating our two-person kayak (upper and lower sections) takes maybe 90 seconds each.  I couldn't find any duty cycle information in the manual (other than if PSI > 100, then only run for 10 min), but based on our needs, it doesn't seem like we have to worry about any duty cycle.  My only "complaint" is that it is loud, but I think most of these devices are.

It's great for the convenience of filling up whenever and wherever, but if I recall, you have a compressor tank.

When I originally posted this my only negative comment was the presto attachment that came with the inflator was a bit on the sketchy side because it could easily remove the entire valve core by accident.  Obviously not a good thing.  The below attachment from Amazon will fix that issue by providing a press on attachment.  Works great.  A bit pricy at $29 but worth the expense if you check your tires daily on bike rides.

Check out the Inflator attachment on Amazon

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I added the 18V Ryobi Inflater/Deflater to my collection. An end of season Tool-Only $23 Home Depot close out.

My Ryobi Driver/Drill, Impact Driver, Hand Vac and Inflater/Deflater travel with us and they all use the same 18V Lithium batteries and I have a spare charger for them that also travels along.

For economy tools Ryobi has served me well as my reliable go-to brand for years.

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I have the DeWalt tire inflator too. It's great if you are already using their 20V system and runs a long time on even a tiny 2Ah battery pack. I also use it to inflate pool toys and it works on an inflatable kayak too. It doesn't move a massive amount of air so I find it a bit slow for big truck tires but it works great for trailer tires. I always carry it with me whenever we tow.

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My battery powered tools are Black and Decker and I have their version of a tire inflator. I'm sure they're all mostly about the same but I'm really happy with mine. I'm much better about checking my tire pressure when I can conveniently do it at the campsite instead of having to make an extra stop somewhere.

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