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I’ve been considering adding a soft start for some time now. I recently noticed a large influx of competing models to the original Micro-Air. Of course, most of them are made in China with questionable warranty and reputation. Then I noticed the SpartanStart – Soft Start. I did a search here and did not see any reviews or comments. I promised Gary at Inverters-R-US that I’d write a review here after installation. The SpartanStart is made in Australia and comes with a 3-year warranty. Sold by Inverters-R-US either thru Amazon or direct. The price was very appealing at $180 vs $300 for the Micro-Air. Plus, I ordered direct and was able to get 15% off with LOA discount so it was $162 shipped (plus tax).

The unit seems high quality. I installed and tested it the other day using my Power Watchdog to view watts and amps, first with a 20-amp shore power line. It was a very easy installation connecting the unit to the Common/Run/Start wires to the compressor.

I can say that it performs very well and eliminated any surge upon start-up. The watt consumption slowly builds.

I then connected to my Champion 2k Watt Inverter and turned off the converter circuit for the initial test. It started and ran the 15k BTU Coleman Mach without any issues. I started with the fan-low first then to AC-low/AC-high and then direct to AC-low/high. No issues and ran fine. The inverter was not struggling at all.

I recommend this product to those considering a Soft Start.Spartan Soft Start


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@Charlie1 posted:

Respectfully, the word 'run' probably should not be included in an evaluation of a soft-start device but we see it touted as a benefit of soft-start devices, over and over.   

Again, no offense to your report, but it's just so common that an evaluation goes on about how well a unit runs after the device has done its job of starting it. 

"eliminated any surge upon start-up". (All that needs to be said.)

It started and ran the 15k BTU Coleman Mach without any issues(Again, all that needs to be said.)

No issues and ran fine.  (ditto) 

@Charlie1 posted:

Well, Ok. It really was a two part review. The significance of "running" was referring to the 2k watt generator inverter.

If I wrote a review as you suggested, such as: "I installed it and it started" then I believe I'd probably get a few questions for more detail.

I understand that, @Charlie1 and knew that you knew the score.  

It's a technical point that one must be cautious to not mix the two events during generator operation.  Some could interpret a mixed report to believe the device will improve the running side of things.

No harm or foul meant by me.   Apologies if it came out that way.

@Charlie1  Thank you for the buying tip.  In November 2023, I went to the Inverters R Us website and ordered the Australia-made SpartanStart soft starter for $146 including free shipping and tax.  At that time they had a 20% discount going.  In the meantime I installed it in my Dometic Penguin II 11k A/C.  At 90 degrees ambient and 500' altitude, my Champion 2500 dual fuel inverter generator on propane and set to the eco mode, started and ran the A/C without a problem.  The thunk noise of the compressor starting is completely gone. Very easy installation.  My only suggestion would be for SpartanStart to change the included double-sided foam tape to a wider, thicker, more pliable one.  Because the tape did not hold, I ended up securing the soft starter by wedging it with the appropriate thickness of Styrofoam between the unit and copper tubes.

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Hey everyone, 

We just got an exclusive on the brand new easy start from Micro Air.  They are going on sale for black Friday.  If you are in the market for a soft starter that is made in the USA we got em.  Prices will be ridiculously low for the black Friday sale.  The new one is in the store already but wait until you get the code to buy one.  We are also going to include a free installation kit with every order.  I will send an email out with the promo codes and post the codes on the forum too. 

If you are thinking of buying a soft starter, at least wait until Sunday or Monday to see the all new Micro Air easy start.

@JackW posted:

Another option is the Coleman soft starter. Since my AC is a Coleman mach, I felt it was a safe option. Works as advertised. About $200.00

One of the advantages with regard to the Coleman soft start is that it does not void the warranty on the Coleman-Mach AC's. I only discovered this fact after I had installed the SpartinStart.

Regardless, I'm very happy with the SpartinStart's performance, it's made in Australia, it was easy to install, and it was about half the cost of a Micro-Air.

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