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We recently purchased an Outland Premium Fire Bowl from Costco and rather than connecting it directly to a propane bottle, I bought the pictured hose from Amazon for $17.99 and it works perfectly with no leaks.  Since the propane bottles on the trailer that feed the Lance provided propane quick connect outlet have safety regulators, you do not need the regulator on the hose provided with the Outland Fire Bowl.

It is an easy conversion with the new hose that has a 1/4" male quick connect on one end and a 3/8" female flare fitting on the other end.  Simply disconnect the Outland supplied hose and connect the new hose to the fire bowl.  You do not use thread tape or pipe dope when connecting a female flare fitting.

I leak tested the quick connect end and the flare fitting end multiple times before trying to fire up the bowl.  When I did fire up the bowl it took a couple of tries because the air in the hose had to be purged.

IMPORTANT.  When making the Quick Connect connection, be sure to pull on the male connection on the hose to be sure it is firmly seated in the female quick connect.  There is and on/off valve that has to be turned on the side of the female quick connect on the trailer.

DOZYANT 12 FT RV Propane Quick Connect Hose for RV to Grill, BBQ Quick Release LP Gas Line for Camp Chef Stove, Pit Boss Burner - 3/8 Female Flare Fitting x 1/4 Full Flow Male Plug   $17.99  with 2 day delivery on Prime.

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We love our Outland Fire Bowl (also from Costco) and our Little Red Fire Pit. We will take the one that fits the type of camping and packing we are doing for a particular trip. We keep a small 11# tank to use with the fire bowls so we can have the flexibility to move it around, but I like the idea of having a hose to use my Low Pressure connection on the TC, like we use now for our LP Olympian grill.

thanks for sharing.

Ray and Donna-

Good job finding a relatively low-cost portable propane fire pit that easily can be converted to use with an extended length quick connect hose.  That 3/8" flare connection on your unit makes the swap out a breeze.  When we bought our portable fire pit two years ago, I neglected to consider the future conversion.  Ours (cannot recall the brand) had the regulator directly connected to the gas valve dial on the side of the fire pit (as opposed to the Outland where the regulator is attached to the upstream end of the hose).  This made it very difficult to eliminate the fire pit regulator and attach the hose directly to the gas valve. To others out there who plan to make the conversion (a great idea) hopefully yours is constructed like the Outland unit.

Thank you, @RAY & DONNA.  We've owned an outland portable fire pit for a while.
I carry an extra 20# propane tank so I can place the fire pit wherever we wish without going to the trouble of removing our third tongue-mounted bottle for that purpose, but that 4th tank is duplicate extra weight.
Even though I figure our 3/4 ton TV can handle whatever I choose to carry I should use some discretion.  Hose ordered.


So thanks everybody for all the discussion on the Outland Firebowl.  

We got one also several months ago. Well technically it was a present to the other half for Xmas - but you know how that goes. 

Anyway wanted to convert our set up to run off the low pressure trailer so did the same starting point which is to remove the existing hose and regulator. However I  wanted ours to be able to connect to a low pressure extension hose instead of permanently attaching a conversion hose to the unit. So instead we put this on - it converts direct from the 3/8” female flare on the unit to a male 1/4” plug. This allow it to plug into the Female 1/4” low pressure LP extension hose from trailer:


Also with this setup got one of these to be able to quickly Plug it back up directly to the high pressure tank. It has a regulator:  



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We have an Outland Firebowl that we used to carry in our TT.  I have a spot for it in the TC but not sure where we can carry extra propane as we usually like to have flexibility on where we set it up and those fire bowls are pretty thirsty on the propane.  For those of you with campers where are you carrying an extra bottle of propane or are you?  


We usually take either an Outland Fire Bowl or Little Red Campfire propane fire pits with us as there seems to be so many real wood fire restrictions over the last few like many I do enjoy a smokeless fire now and then.

We carry one of two smaller tanks with us to use with the fire pits so we can locate it where we want to be instead of near the TC’s exterior connection.

We can keep the smaller (5#) tank in the rear cabinet and the larger (11.5#) under the dinette.

The small tank fits on the bottom right of the cabinet next to the hiking boots. 

I should say we can easily get 2 - 3 nights of fires out of the smaller tank running on a lower setting.



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We bought the Outland at Costco several years ago for camping and backyard use. It’s fairly large and puts out a nice fire for when several people (when our kids were at home) would sit around it. The little red campfire is smaller, lighter, and really perfect when its just the two of us. It uses less fuel and therefore lasts longer too. It easily fits under the dinette when we travel so we take it more often when traveling by ourselves. If we are going to be camping with others, we take the Outland to share the fire with.

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