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It seems Victron recently introduced a new 12 V (nominal) DC/DC converter / charger rated at 50 Amps:  

50 Amps isn’t that big of a deal. However, there are several other features that caught my attention:

* Input current can be set and limited in 0.1 A increments    
* Output current can be set and limited in 0.1 A increments      
* Input- and output voltages, currents, and power can be monitored via Victron app    
* Low ambient temperature disconnect (useful for LFP batteries without low-temp disco)    
* Efficiency spec of 98.5% 😳

Now, for the bad news: The typical retail price appears to be ~$380.

Update: Availability is apparently Q1 2024.

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Thanks for link.

Unfortunately I have AGMs in boat, output voltage is for lithium.  Dakota batteries makes plug in one, except it has similar voltage. 

At 10amps, it would take 5-10hrs to recharge trolling battery bank.  I'm going to replace with three $250 Chinese lithiums, after this trip.  This would give me 300ah useable vs current 150ah useable.

I'm also considering using this, with my foldable portable panel.  I could add second portable, to Bimini top.

I should've said, I wish there was a more affordable option.  Even though, I have 15hp kicker, it's alternator, is nowhere large enough, to run what's available.  Even the big motor, doesn't have enough alternator, to charge trolling batteries, unless you had long run.

600watts of solar, would provide 25%, of motor's draw, so would extend range by 25%, while providing bonus shade.  Since there's very little shading issues, on the water, (unless you have blow boat), solar makes sense.

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