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Yes, I installed them and also installed a good Curt bumper hitch receiver so we can carry our two 65 lb Lectric ebikes. The bike rack also weighs about 60 lbs and so far so good. 

One note of caution...our ladder is positioned in the middle of the back wall which enables us to secure the bikes with a cinch strap. I would not even think of carrying such a heavy load on the bumper if we couldn't secure the bikes in this fashion.

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R&V Spyker and any others that have installed the Safety Struts made by Mount N Lock.  Now that you have been on the road with them for a while, any additional pros or cons?

We are picking up our new to us 2017 2285 this week.  Our previous non-Lance had a convenient, very solid rear bumper.  I am looking for a safe way to carry our bicycles.  Can't say I'm comfortable using a ladder rack and would like to do something other than taking up room in the truck bed.

Happy New Year and Thanks!

Eric, thanks for the Amazon links.  Now that I have the trailer home, I can see that the bumper is not the more typical 4x4 tube design.   It is probably about 4 inches tall with an inch lip on the top and bottom.  I've attached a picture, looking down at the top of the driver's side of the bumper.

Thank you for the suggestions.  I hope someone has other ideas. 



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