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SherpTek was founded in the spirit of adventure, quality design and a love for life and the outdoors, and our modular flatbed was designed specifically with the truck camper in mind. However the flatbed also expands your truck's functionality when it's not hauling a camper. We'd love to know how you use your truck beyond getting to that perfect campsite. Let us know below! 


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My truck is used to haul my TC but also for equipment for work and also my play toys (kayaks and bikes). 

The flatbed would be perfect for me. Reducing weight is always a plus. 

How is the weight compared to the factory bed?

I notice the sides come down, how does that come into play with pressure from a TC, when it comes to cornering or bouncing around from rough terrain? our other uses for our truck is hauling square bales to round bale in the bed out through the pasture, and the gooseneck hitch which is a hideaway on my ford, is the bed reinforced for the hitch and chains? 

Good questions @StalRev! The sides are connected to the truck bed and are not in contact with the camper. The space between allows for safe camper movement, which we've tested extensively on some pretty rugged terrain. And while the sides aren't in direct contact with the camper, we use a variety of seals and gaskets to protect against water and dust intrusion into this area. Although we can't guarantee 100-percent seal within our flank sides, this has also been extensively tested and there is very little intrusion. Things even stay dry while driving in pouring rain down the Interstate getting sprayed by other vehicles.

Regarding how you use your truck for work, you'd appreciate the side-loading capability and the infinite tie-down options on all surfaces. Our bed can handle 5,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and the ability to quickly swap accessories in and out comes in handy as well for tool boxes, etc. Our beds can be made compatible with gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitches, as we do a pass-through structure to the frame of the truck so the load isn't carried through the bed (this would need to be specified at time of order). 

Please complete our How to Buy form if you want to explore your options further and we can continue the conversation via email or by phone. Have a great weekend!

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