Casual Lance Rally & Get Together - Flying Flags - Nov 8 - 12, 2018

It's time again!  Time for the Flying Flags, Buellton, CA  Nov 8 - 12,  2018

Flying Flags RV


The list of attendees so far;

1)  MichaelM (Michael & Joni)
2)  Nutman  (Linda & Larry)
3)  ReadyForRetirement  (Chuck & Sue)
4)  HawkerTech  (Keith & Sharon)
6)  CarrieJohnson  (Glynn & Carrie)
7)  R&V Spiker  (Randy "The Woodman" and Viv)
8)  WoodGlue (Lauren)
9)   Robert H (Rob & Sue)
10) Sealyin (Joanna & Mike)
11) Logboy (Roger)
12) Clutch  (Craig & Bonnie)
13)  RBROTSKY (Russ & Roxie)
14)  BobnRobin  (Bob & Robin)
15)  Frank2285  (Frank & Susan)
16)  WestNest  (Bonnie & Ron)
17)  FPMTNGAL  (Harriet)
18)  Sally Lawrence  (Sally)
19)  SKYHAWK (Tom & Linda)
20)  Sequoia464 (Ron & Tina)
21)  PhilW  (Phil & Sherry)
22)  Hreniger (H & Carol)
23)  FairJim  (Jim)
24)  MikeD   (Mike)
25)  Allan Jones (Allan & Patricia)
26)  Don & Renee


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As far as I know, I won't be able to attend this event.  If money shows up, I would stay at the Motel 6 in Buellton - like I did last year.  The new engine for my Land Rover was over $5,000, so I'm on a tight budget.

I also want to thank Michael M, for doing such a great job as head Trailmaster!!!!


Well folks, we're officially less than 30 days to our rally.  We have 34 campers signed up for the rally!  And maybe a few who made their own ressies. I've been thinking about a notional (and informal) agenda.  Suggestions or comments/thoughts are welcome...nothing is carved in stone at this point.

If there's sufficient interest, we can charter a bus or van for a wine-tasting excursion...please let me know if you'd be interested in sharing the cost...I have no idea how much that could be, but if it's too expensive, obviously we wouldn't do it.

Wed, Nov 7     Early party site

Thu, Nov 8      Twenty-plus campers site available. Check-ins, name tags.  Possible road trip to San Luis Obispo Farmers Market?? Campfire and fellowship for those staying on-site.

Fri, Nov 9      Remaining campers arrive...check-in. Visit to Trailer Hitch RV and Nipomo Flea Market??  Wine Tasting?  Beer Tasting?  White Elephant, 50/50 Raffle at party site.

Sat, Nov 10    More Wine/Beer Tasting?  Tri-tip BBQ and Pot Luck dinner. Flag Retirement Ceremony, conducted by Frank 2285. General fellowship around the campfire in the party site.

Sun, Nov 11    Some departures...27+ campers remain. Pot Luck left-overs for dinner?  And of course, general fellowship around the campfire in the party site.

Mon, Nov 12     Formal end to rally

We are officially up and running!  Once you've arrived and set up your site, please come by the Party Site (#56) to check in, pick up your rally sticker, name tags, etc.  As a reminder, I'll also need to collect $10 per RV to help pay for the Party Site.

Looking forward to a great weekend!

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