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Lance offers a frame mounted 1-1/4” hitch receiver that is rated to carry up to a maximum of 130 lbs.

If you can find a Towable Rated 1-1/4” mounted bike rack that will carry your bike(s) and remain under 130 lbs total, go for it.

Search for Bike Rack (which may need a Lifetime membership -  $35 bucks) to see what others have done.  I did a bumper mount reinforcement and added a bike to ladder stability brace to carry a 35 lb (towable rated) rack and 2- 30 lb bikes.

Steel Trailer bumpers are made of a single- folded to a square tube - sheet and welded at the seam.My Bumper is fully welded at the seam which allows a 2” bumper hitch mount.  Don’t try it with a spot-welded-seam bumper.

Thanks for the reply Ken. As I look at it, the frame on my 2021 1685 has bolt holes already pre drilled in it. I plan on having a crossmember fabricated to go from one side of the frame to the other with a receiver included that will exit below the bumper. Our bike rack has a bolt that screws in vice a pin and is a style that the tires fit into slots. We use two straps to help mitigate any side to side movement. We used the same setup on our Vanleigh Vilano and never had movement. I believe movement many folks see is caused by using a rack that is poorly made and connected with a pin vice a bolt. I'm confident a frame mounted bike rack with two bikes  and straps will work. I'm also using a 2" receiver vice 1 1/4. We shall see.

V/r  Jack

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