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Reply to "WeatherTech FloorLiners"

I'm on my 2nd set of Husky Weatherbeater series floor mats for my 2018 F150.  A few weeks ago while cleaning out the truck, I noticed holes (3 to be exact) formed just below the brake pedal.

I found their website, submitted a claim, received an email a few days later where they just asked for a photo, and -shamwow- next thing I new, I received a FedEx shipment notification.  They sent a brand new front set.  These liners are great...and the company, (at least my experience) appears to have great customer service!

I did notice that they have redesigned the new mats.  The ridges were "pushed in" from the back - leaving less material to wear.  On the new mats, the bottom is flat, so I expect these to last a few more years than the original.  Lifetime warranty...always nice.



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