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Reply to "WeatherTech FloorLiners"

@R&V Spiker posted:

Yes, the Huskys are thicker and are also a ribbed design meaning there's more room for dirt and gravel. They are also more flexible and are easier to remove and install. The material is softer and just feels better, especially when I'm in my socks or barefoot. They get great reviews on Amazon.

Intrigued by this thread and what Randy had to say, I checkout some reviews on Amazon. Yeah, he is right, there are tons of great reviews on Amazon. Here are two under Chevy Colorado.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Addition to my 2017 Colorado Crew Cab

Carl S

"I've been buying, and I've been happy with, the other big floor liner company, but I decided to give these a try and I'm glad I did.

I bought the front and back Husky Liners for my 2017 Colorado Crew Cab. They fit PERFECTLY! Another thing I like about them over the other guys is that they aren't hard and slippery. These are softer, more flexible, provide better traction and still provide wall to wall coverage of the floor. They don't interfere with the accelerator or brake pedals and they fit partially over the door sills, too, for added protection.

The color is consistent and matches the interior of my truck perfectly. To top it all off they were less money and they're Made in the USA.

Great product and highly recommended."


5.0 out of 5 stars BEST FLOOR LINERS / MATS by far.

"Wanting excellent floor mats? These are the brand to buy. Use to buy Weathertech and Husky Liners are much better.

Weathertech brand is a hard plastic material with "no give". Husky Liners are rubber product, fit perfectly. It's difficult to explain but imagine having a hard plastic material on the floor in comparison to a fitted rubber material with give. Both are about same price but Husky by far is a better product in my opinion worth buying. Weathertech has a lifetime warranty also but the flaw is your shoes / boots will catch on the mats getting into a truck and cause the mats to bend. Solution from WT is to place in front of a fireplace or get really hot, they will return to original condition....NOT....

Husky mats will cover your carpet to the edge of the floor board against door....You get what you pay for....will last a lifetime."

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