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Reply to "WeatherTech FloorLiners"

I agree, the Weather Tech do cover and protect good, but are kinda slippery. Next time around I think I’ll shop for something more rubbery.

We only have the smaller Weather Tech ones that fit only in the footwells and don’t cover the transmission hump. The driver side stays put cuz it snaps in place, however the passenger side doesn't have snaps and kinda moves around on the carpet and has to be repositioned occasionally........another reason to look for a rubbery mat the next time I buy mats cuz a rubbery may might work better to stay put. 

Also, Jalapeño Spam is not really as hot as I would like it to be. I wonder if anyone else has the same opinion. I always add some additional heat with a sprinkle of some chopped up ghost peppers. Even with the added heat from ghost peppers I think the Weather Techs would stand up to survive a Jalapeño Spam attack.........., maybe. I guess I could do a test and see, but that would mean I’d have to waste some Spam and that ain’t gonna happen.



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