Door County Color Rally Roster

Here is a roster of the people I have heard from regarding our Rally in October. We are really looking forward to it. The names with stars I have confirmation on. The others have shown interest. Please let me know if you want to be confirmed.

Name/ Screenm/ Rig Length/Special Site

  1. Greg & Deanna Miller-Prior Lake,MN /VISTA /855S TC 19ft /1

  2. M-John and Karen-St Paul, MN /HuskysDad /2185 TT 40ft/ E

  3. * Kodiak k-99

  4. *Will & Dottie Kahabka-Delavan, WI/ MRK /TC 25ft

  5. Martinsburg, WV/ Dmarkley/ 1995 TT 23ft

  6. *Jeff and LaVonne Christianson-Iowa/ JD Christianson/ 1995 TT 50ft/ E

  7. Bob and Jeanie Kidd-central IL/ ILGrandma /TT

  8. *Bill and Barb-Clinton, MO /XZOOMERZX/ 1995 TT/ 45ft

  9. *Bruce and Linda Dewitt-Delavan, WI/ Vette /TC 25ft /Near Kahabka

  10. Bob & Robin-Yucaipa, CA /BobNRobin/ TT

  11. *Gaye and Roy -Iowa/ Pack4Tag /2001-825 TC/ 25ft

  12. M-Shannon and Bruce /BAPSJP

  13. * VigII

  14. M-Doug aka atchafalaya Man

  15. *-Mitch and Mattie /Mitch 5252 /1475+truck 29ft? /Sun for solar

  16. * ILGrandma/ 1575 /20'

I will be posting a few questions later today or tomorrow (depending on how the toddlers in my classroom nap), so stay tuned. 

I'm getting excited to meet all of you!

Lorie and Lee


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