Very Informal Lance Get Together at Woods Canyon Lake AZ "Aspen Campground" - June 2019

Woods Canyon Lake - Aspen Campground, Central Arizona

I know this is a late post so I apologize.  

Those that came last year have been pinging me because everyone had a great time (the weather was just fantastic).  There is nothing planned and we want to host only one night at our site.  I’m hoping that any others that make it can host a night at rotating sites.  That way if folks want some alone time they have it.  No pressures on any one site!  That being said here is a lot of information on Aspen Campground:

1) There is potable water at the campground so no need to haul water up and down the Mtns.  As you pull through the entrance of the campground make your first left like you are going to head back out.  There is a water source on the left hand side across from the dumpsters.  Then just loop back around to come back in the entrance.  Ask the hosts, they will direct you if needed.
2) Fire restrictions might be in affect but if you have a propane fire pit those are allowed at this time but NO candles of any kind (like citronella bug candles).
3) Lots of critters in the area.  Don’t leave any food out overnight or during the day if you are going to be venturing away from your campsite.  The ravens there are big enough to carry away a small child and a loaf of bread at the same time.  They have pecked through the tops of our water bottles and ruined a ½ a case of water bottles that way.  You will find debris from one end of your site to the other if you forget.  Ask me how I know…  LOL
4) Bring lots of water.  With the low humidity you will need to be well hydrated to avoid dehydration headaches.  They aren’t fun. Bring aspirin.
5) Elk will get into easy to open food bins so bungee them closed if you are going to leave them out.
6) Raccoons can open even the heaviest of zippered food coolers.  They got into ours last year and ate a 1lb of ham, 2lbs of white American cheese and a dozen floured tortillas.  And they didn’t even invite us!!!  They just left the mess behind for us to clean up.  The nearest big grocery store is 30miles into Payson.
7) There is a small grocery store at the lake.  They have the basics (buns, bread, condiments, milk, eggs, ice, water, beer, and fishing gear, etc…) but, it will cost you twice as much as what it costs at home.  The camp hosts have ice and firewood.
8) Don’t forget head lamps or flash lights and some warm clothes. Bug spray is a good idea also. Temps during the days are usually in the mid 80’s to a low of the lower 50’s.  With no humidity it will seem cooler than the actual temperatures at night.  
9) The lake is at 7510ft in elevation, a short walk from the campground but a good hike up the hill on your return.  If you aren’t used to the elevation I would suggest driving down, about a 1-2 min drive.
10) There is a waste dump station as you head out of the area, about a mile from the campground but don’t toss your trash at that location.  The campground has trash bins for you to use.  The trash bins at the dump site will cost you a few bucks.  Also, dumping costs $7 (last year) might be up to $8 now!
11) If you put out hummingbird feeders make sure you put them away at night, the elk love those things and bears can smell them from many miles away.  We have never seen bears in the camp ground but they have been close.  The forest service will post warning if they are active in the area.
12) If you are into photography and have a decent long lens, you are welcome to join me as I will be doing a lot of hummingbird photography at the site.  I’m up early in the mornings and will have feeders and perches in place the night we get there.  Let me know and I’ll give you times when the hummers will be most active.
13) If you are into ham radio, I’ll have a station set up and talking to folks around the world, if band conditions are favorable.   
14) Happy hour at our site will be TBD, based on who can make it.  BYOB and a folding chair and a flashlight so you can get back to your site without any issues.  If you want to bring something to nibble on I’ll have a table set up.  
15) Take your time and be safe on the way to our little piece of the world.  If you are traveling during the night, early sunrise or sunset, be very aware of elk on the sides of the roads.  They are everywhere in the area.

We love this place and really look forward to seeing everyone that’s coming.

My contact info is: 


Cell phone coverage is very spotty at the campground.  Text messaging works better but I rarely have it on while camping.  We try to totally unplug from everything digital.  We have a new solar panel set up and can’t wait to try it out.

Link to Aspen Campground web site:


See You There

Rob & Jayne Monsipapa

Site # 117

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wyorider posted:

We were hoping to come for the weekend, but no availability left right now....maybe run up for the day as we live in Rio Verde near Fountain Hills AZ.

If you come up for the day stop by site 117 and say hi....  you can rent a small powered boat on the lake and hang out...


Sound like a lot of fun and Thank you for the info. We have a southern AZ trip for Oct. so we will not be able to attend. Wish all safe travels and a good time.


Would love more info on this.  Sounds like a nice place and maybe we could swing it.  I looked at the campground on and there doesn't seem to be any reservable sites available that weekend.   That's a long drive for us to hope on getting a site.  

I so wish we were in town so that we could go out of town to camp with you and others. Have visited Wood's Canyon several times vowing that we would stay there. Have not made it yet. Enjoy......from your pictures, small and intimate, it looked like a wonderful time.

Rob,  Have a great time.  Can't attend this year as we will be on the road during that time. We will be up there in late July, so we will check your site and stop by if you are there.  

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