4th Annual Rally in the Valley 2018

Jan 25-28, 2018

New Site: White Tank Mountain Regional Park



20304 W White Tank Mountain Rd, Waddell, AZ 85355

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I look at the park website every day to see if a site becomes available, but to no avail. If all the sites have been reserved by the organizer then please add my name to the wait list.

Hi Shannon,

We are John and Pam Hanson (lifetime members, but only since Aug/2017 when we bought our trailer and joined the LOA). We just returned from our first rally at flying flags in Buellton, Ca. We had a great time with some really great folks! It was there that we learned about the RITV this coming January. We also learned that it is fully booked already! A big disappointment since we live in the east valley (San Tan Valley, Az). We would like to put our names on the waiting list...(and in a perfect world, in the full hookup area...) and we were told that you were the person to contact. Please let us know if something opens up.

Thanks in advance for your hard work putting this together !!


John and Pam Hanson

(805) 433-4406


32044 N Chestnut Trl

San Tan Valley, Az

BobnRobin posted:

Art Teach or Shannon,

Is there a link to the RITV4 Discussion page?

Also, is there a Roster yet for RITV4 yet?



I'm working on a page that will have all kinds of information. However, it is not completed. It will be posted by the beginning of next week. Have a big art opening this weekend that is taking my focus at the moment. After that is over, I will be able to concentrate on RITV. 

It's coming folks.......just not at the moment. Check back November 13.

This will be my first Rally. It appears that the entire campground been reserved I assume for our group. Shall I check everyday for an opening or is there a list of those that want to attend but can't get a site.  I will be reading through the thread in the meantime but any general information will be appreciated.  


if you need to cancel please  contact the group leaders they can arrange a transfer 

vs a site  cancellation and some stranger getting the spot


bapsjp posted:

I just updated the hook-up site list (back on page 2) based on the updates in this thread.  Let me know if there are any corrections.  

I'm told we can work our own horse trades with the hook-up sites.  I've already been contacted by one party with a hook-up site informing me that they need to cancel.  To be fair I think the people currently on the waitlist for dry camping should have first right of refusal.  I will PM each of them and ask.  Meanwhile if you want to be added to a waitlist only for hook-ups let me know.

Based on past experience I'm sure there will be plenty of cancellations.  It's really hard to tie down a schedule so far in advance.  Hopefully the number of people wanting and able to attend and the number of available sites will balance out just perfectly.


Rick and I would like to attend and we will be dry camping is there a list regarding the events and plans for the weekend.

Also if we are dry camping do we need to be on the reservation list.



A site opened up this morning and we now have reservations! Can’t wait for our first Lance Rally! Our 2285 is due to arrive in just a couple of  weeks. Do I need to notify anyone in the group outside of changing maybe to yes in original thread?

Would love to attend, I’ve been keeping an eye out on reservation site for openings.  If anyone decides they are unable to attend, could you please let me know. We are new to Lance and live in Phoenix Metro area. Thank you in advance. 

For anyone wishing to attend RITV4, google White Tank Mountain Camping Reservations........there are 3 sites left for the rally dates. If you want to be in the dry camping section then you contact Shannon and Bruce(bapsjb) by PM and put your name on the wait list. That section of the rally is already full but usually as time goes by there are some cancellations. The White Tank Mountain Park is within the Maricopa County Park system.

Lyn posted:

I will be com'n in from Q in my 1475!  lyn

Hi Lyn,

Does "Q" stand for Quartzsite? We go there each year for the RV show and will going to the RITV 4 from there. If it is Quartzsite where do you stay?

We stay SE of town in a BLM area.

See at the RITV 4


PACK4TAG posted:

Maybe we should do a group reserve in case we do not get a hook up spot.

Or,does that mess with your listing too much ?

Roy & Gaye

I assumed there would be GROUP camping!?!

Art Teach what's the plan? You may need to provide a little more detail on the Rally!!

Just saying!


We'll pencil it in. Quartzsite Show is Jan 20 to 28th so we'll see if we can make it. We'll wait for notification of signups and decide then. 



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