Midwest Spring Thaw Campout

Hawker's Point Campground, Stockton Lake, MO.

A weekend campout is hereby announced to take place on April 19-22, 2018, at Hawker Point Campground, an Army Corps of Engineers park on Stockton Lake, in Stockton, Missouri.

Potential participants are urged to make reservations as soon as possible because this is a popular COE park that fills up fast. Some sites have already been reserved by local individuals, so we can only reserve sites scattered among them.

As to where to locate, it is suggested attendees try to first reserve the eastern sites of Loop B or the northern sites of Loop A, with the far western sites of Loop B following that. I'm in site B08. See park map.

Campsite reservations can be made here: http://bit.ly/2n5VNgPhttps://www.recreation.gov/cam...RSO&parkId=73199

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