Lumpia cooking class at the Shingletown Rally

Shingletown Rally

Alice and Sonja will be holding a lumpia class at the Shingletown Rally in the big tent.  Class will start at 2:00.  We will need some extra cooking and frying surfaces.   Friday and Saturday morning, we can talk amongst ourselves to gather up cooking needs.  🍳 

Please mark yourself as going sowe have a head count.  Each person learning to cook should bring one pound of ground beef, pork, chicken, or turkey.  Alice and Sonja will provide the lumpia wraps.  

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Sheri here!😁 I have a couple of questions 🤪 should the meat we bring to make the Lumpa be raw or cooked and is there anything else that goes into the mixture that we can bring? 

 13 days and counting for more fun with the LOA group🥳😁🎉

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