LOA 5th Annual East Coast Rally (ECR)

White Oak Campground, Quarryville, PA (near Lancaster PA)

Look for 5th Annual ECR thread on Discussion Forum or just click here!  Join the conversation there (or just listen quietly...).

Call Sandy ‭(717) 687-6207 to grab your spot - we have discounted rates (last year's prices), so be sure to tell her you are with the LOA.  Prices range from $48 - $57 per night.

Once you have your site reserved, if you would send me (Pilot195) a PM I'll update my roster (which is kept on the discussion thread - see link above).

(I know the picture only has TCs ... we welcome and usually have a lot of TTs too!)

Who Is Attending

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I want to go real bad I been having medical issues. I haven’t layed no bricks since 3/27/19 they got me deep in the workers compensation game.What a mess forty years of massony caught up with me .they got me broke.

Joe and Anne posted:

This will be our first rally.  Really looking forward to meeting you all.  We will be on site 16 arriving on the 1st and leaving on the 5th. 

Joe or Anne, you should post this in the ECR discussion thread.

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