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Great Plains Gathering #7

Melvern Outlet COE park, just outside of Melvern, Kansas.

Annual Great Plains Gathering #6 - Sept 22 - 25, 2022

Make your reservations in Loop B, sites 63-96, the south end of the loop. This is the same park and loop we have used in the past.

The Discussion Page can be found here.  Please put all comments on that page.

See you at Melvern in September.


River Pond Prkwy, Melvern, KS 66510

Who Is Attending

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@EvInPville posted:

POOH!  I'll keep watching for the next get-together... But 063 will be open shortly...


Evelyn, That is too bad. I hope everything and everyone in your life are good and that something fun came up that will keep you from attending.

I just checked the roster, and see that Doug did not have you listed. Had you put a note on the Discussion Page that you were attending?  I knew you were planning to attend but I don't see your name on the roster.  Hmm.


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@VigII posted:

I'll miss both Midwest rallies this year happily for the same reason. May my son's family is expecting a new baby boy and we just learned that September-October my daughter will bless us with our fifth grandchild. 😃

To quote the Terminator, "I'll be back" to meet up with the Lance family in the near future!

Sounds like a couple of good reasons to miss the gatherings.  Enjoy the babies.

@Ragbag, only MAYBE, Bob? But I was going to save you a spot close to me so I could make sure you got your daily dose of picking on me.  Am I going to need to let that spot go to the highest bidder?

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