Gathering in Potrero

Potrero County Park, 24800 Potrero Park Drive, Potrero, CA 91963

It's official, there's going to be a SoSoCal gathering, this fall.

The location is Potrero County Park, 24800 Potrero Park Drive, Potrero, CA 91963
Park Phone: (619) 478-5212
(858) 565-3600, (877) 565-3600, or better still, via the Reservations Web Site

Please make your own reservations, and PM to us, please.

Link to gathering discussion:

Who Is Attending

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May sound funny, but I have to go to this event. I used to live and went to elementary school in Potrero. Back then it was a 1 room school house and my Mom was the Postmaster in Potrero back then. There's also a Historic Train ride in Campo, about 9 miles to the east, that I believe still travels to the top of the Carrizo Gorge. Here is a link for more information about the Train:

 I believe that you will need to make reservations ahead of time. 
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