2017 MWTCF Midwest Barn Party

2017 MWTCF Midwest Barn Party

will be held at

 The Baughman Farm in Western Iowa.

Sept. 17-20, 2017.

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We will be limiting this Event to 12-15 Rigs, so sign up now.

5 Rigs signed up thus far. 12/27/16

You must contact us the Wagon Masters if you are attending this Gathering.

Check out Details of Event, and to contact us go to our Webpage link below:

To Contact us.

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My arrival alone might change to our arrival a couple days later. Yesterday, while ripping a short piece of 2x6 for a small project, my fingers came to close to the table saw blade. There were some nerves, ligaments, small arteries severed. So right now I am all bandaged up and feeling good with my friend Percocet. There is still 2 1/2 weeks before the barn party. So, I am hoping that I will be in better shape than I am now, especially if I have to manhandle some 2X6 to put under the rig so it won't sink in the mud if there is some. The wife was supposed to join me that week, but it is looking like I'll have a late departure as the wife will be with me instead of joining me.



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