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Hello All LOA Members,

We have implemented a new section of the LOA website for 2017 where we, the LOA Staff, can distribute what we consider important Lance community news, stories and information.  This will take the place of the old News and Views category forum.  Our hope is to make this an easy to access and very informative resource for you to learn about the latest happenings, products, events, news and information.  Please set your notifications to notify you when a new BLOG post happens to stay on top of the news. 

Thanks everyone for a great 2016...

Eric Dye

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In 2 years where heading down to Panama City and Locks.  Has anyone drove this down with there Lance?  We have driven to Guatemala with our 1180 and F-350 Dually but my bucket list is 1172 and 2017 F-350 Dually down to Panama. Ben to 49 states all of Canada and thee times to Alaska when it was a mud road and lots of wash outs 1978 what a year 1984 and 1991 all in Lance Campers. Has anyone gone this far in your TC?

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