2017 Year End Review and 2018 vision


As 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to share with everyone what we accomplished as an organization and what is to come in 2018.

2017 was a great year for rallies.  We had 18+ rallies all over the US and attended by hundreds of LOA members.  Much fun had by all.

We partnered with a great new company called Sherptek that builds bed replacement platforms for pick-ups hauling campers.

We created a new flag for LOA members to fly in their campsites.

We did many technological changes to the site but none were as controversial or talked about than the signature change.  The two camps, those who want to see signatures and those who don't, can now both be happy in their LOA experience.

We met all of our membership goals and made enough money to keep the LOA afloat for another year.

What is coming in 2018

2018 is poised to be another great year for the LOA.  

The rallies are already stacking up.  RITV4, Shingletown4 and about 8 others are already on the books, so mark your calendars.

In 2018 we will be having our national factory tour rally.  The arrangements are still be finalized but look for that event to be in the Fall of 2018.

We are planning to relaunch the already successful FreeLOAder program with an all new, easier to use, interface and a campaign to get more people involved.

We are also going to launch a new way to show your LOA pride.  We are calling it the LOA oval.  Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on how to get your LOA Oval later in Q1.

I want to personally thank all of you, the LOA members, for your support and your loyalty to this little place on the internet we call LOA.  Without you this great place for research, trip planning, mods, social interaction and all we do here, would not be what it is today.  I also want to give a big shout out to all of our trailmasters and say thanks. Without trailmasters volunteering their time, we would not have the fun rallies to attend that we all love so much.

In closing I just want to say that I feel truly blessed that you all let me run the LOA and trust that I will continue to work hard to keep LOA relevant and helpful in your Lance ownership experience.

Eric Dye 


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Thanks Eric for your organization of this forum! It was very valuable for all of the help and advice to outfit my truck to properly carry my new camper. We are coming up on a year anniversary of becoming a Lance owner and 40 years of marriage and we plan on doing much camping this year. Thank you! 

So I'm new here and want to meet the lance owners. I'm going out alone a lot and fixing my rig up as it's a oldie. Need help with tracking down parts and info on lance campers. My truck is good so hope to learn more about how to meet up at campsites and such. My name isKeith and I am usually in Murrieta 

Thank you, Eric, for leading this community. It's wonderful to be a part of it, both personally and professionally, and we're looking forward to all 2018 has in store!

Thanks Eric.  All of the background info on the LOA site and the camaraderie among the owners was a significant reason in my purchase of a Lance (certainly not a well known brand here on the East Coast).  Keep up the good work.  Much appreciated! 

I would also like to say thank you for all your efforts in keeping LOA up and running. While working a full time job. Also thank you to all the LOA members for being a part of LOA. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first seven months with our 1985 - our first TT - and the priceless things we have learned on the Forum and LOA.

We have had nine great adventures so far, including meeting some great people at Flying Flags, and look foward to the Factory Rally later this year.

Thanks to all who have shared their time and knowledge with us!

Eric, You are the Bomb. Thanks for hooking us up with Lance and the LOA. We have so much fun with this group and have met some wonderful people. Can't wait for all that's coming in 2018, starting with RITV4.  

Wonderful report, Eric. Makes me proud to be a part of this organization. What I find interesting is that I like people but I'm not a groupie........that was the case until we joined LOA. Now, unabashedly I announce to my friends and acquaintances that we are part of LOA and that we have friends from around the country and we camp with them. What a joy to be part of such a diverse group and find common ground for meaningful relationships. Look forward to RITV4 and other rallies and the freeLOAder program in 2018 and beyond.

I've been here for about 6 months and only been on a few forums and don't post on those so this has has been a new trip for me and a very enjoyable one and very easy to use, Thank Eric!!

I have used and been a contributor on several forums over the years and have never felt at home as much as I do here.  What a great bunch from the leadership and down through the ranks. Thank you fo making this possible. 

LOA.. It's a good thing.

Coming from Airstream and R-pod ownership, both of which have fanatical owners.. with great, helpful forums and FB groups, we were VERY happy to land here during our research.
Thanks again for having us.

Ann & Bill posted:

Thanks for all you do, Eric!  Looking forward to a great 2018.  Shingletown2 - we are actually on Shingletown 4!  

You are right...  I think I typo'd that one.  I just fixed it.

Thank you Eric. I got lost in July and you helped me get re-connected to the LOA family. I was having horrible withdrawals and now I am happy again. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends at RITV 4. Happy New Year. Thank you for a great way to learn more every day.

Good job Eric....  It's a lot of effort on your part and I thank you for all the work you put into it this year.  It's been a fun 1st year for my wife and I and we look forward to many more years as a LOA member!!!  We have met some great folks this year, hope to meet a lot more in 2018, starting with the informal Woods Canyon Lake get together in early June.


Rob & Jayne - Mesa AZ 

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